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Summer Challenge

The Registration "Summer Challenge" is not currently available.

2020 Summer Challenge

The MGBA Summer Challenge is a program designed to challenge our players to practice excellent shooting form and dribbling techniques during the off-season. The goal is to MAKE 3,000 or more shots and 500 minutes or more of dribbling from May 1st – September 30th.

  • Free for all MHS, Minnetonka Travel and Rec basketball girl players 
  • Length: May 1st – September 30th
  • Grades: 4 – 12 (based on 2019-20 school year)
  • Register by clicking the link in blue above

Rewards & Recognition

White Level: 3,000+ Made Shots and 500+ minutes of dribbling

Blue Level:   5,000+ Made Shots and 1,000+ minutes of dribbling

Gold Level:  10,000 Made Shots and 1,500 minutes of dribblin

For questions, please send an email with your player's name and grade to Kim Hoehne, MGBA President, at

Suggested Areas To Shoot From

Lots of Shooting!  Must vary your shots. Work on it all:

þ    Right hand layups         þ   Right and left elbow

þ Left hand layups            þ   Free throws

þ    Baseline each side        þ   Jump shots off the dribble

þ    Jump shots 

Instructions for Updating Totals

**Must register for Summer Challenge using link above*

1. Log into your account.

2. Click on 'Go to my Account'.

3. Click on 'Registrations'.

4. Click on '2020 Summer Challenge'.

5. Click on pencil icon (located on right side of page) for the section including number updates.

6.  Update your numbers.

7. Save Changes

Please note the following:

Running Tallies: Update your totals as often as possible. The running tallies are a cumulative total; you will need to manually add the new number to the old number and enter in the the new total number.  The Running Tallies will be your total numbers accumulated throughout the Summer Challenge.

Monthly totals: At the end of each month, enter the monthly total in June total, July total, August total, Sept total fields. We want to see you practicing frequently and spread out throughout the summer.

Ends Sept. 30th. Make sure final tallies are entered by Oct. 5th.

Thank you!

Sponsored by Minnetonka Girls Basketball Association (MGBA).