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Travel Season Update - Return to Play

MGBA Families:

As previously indicated, practices can resume this coming Monday, January 4th.  Competition can resume the weekend of 1/16.  Most of our teams were already scheduled to play that weekend, and we are working with the rest so hopefully everyone can resume games that weekend.    

We are planning to extend our season one weekend through 3/6-7.  The state tournament is unchanged and will be held 2/27-28.  However, Wayzata is looking to reschedule their tournament that following weekend, and our intention is to have our teams play in that.  

We are hopeful to offer some refund/credit for lost time this season, but details will be provided at a later date.  

The one big change is that masks are now required while competing in both practices and games.  It also appears spectators will not be allowed at games.  However, there is some ambiguity to that end right now, and it is possible they could be allowed, at least for certain younger ages.  

We are looking forward to having everyone back on the court.  

Travel Basketball COVID Guidelines

Good evening MGBA Families,
We know there are many questions surrounding the upcoming season.

Our last message to the league reminded you that:

  • Final registration fees will be charged tomorrow at midnight (Sept 25, 12:00am). NO REFUNDS are given AFTER team placement. Refund will only be issued if your daughter is not placed on a team.
  • Should a portion of the season be lost to Covid restrictions, we would of course look to refund back any expenses we can recover.

Since our last message, our league COVID Committee has completed the MGBA Safe Participation Plan. You will find that our plan complies with the Department of Health and local guidelines and will be kept updated as the season progresses.

You can view this document here:

Some questions we’ve been hearing from the community:

Will players be required to wear masks when competing?

Players will not be asked to wear masks while competing.  They will be required to wear masks when entering and exiting the facility, while getting ready to practice/play and while on the bench/not engaged in court activity.

Will spectators be allowed at games?

This is simply unknown at this point and may vary from tournament to tournament. At some tournaments, spectators may not be allowed and at others, spectator numbers may be restricted (example: 1 or 2 per family).

At this time, no parents are allowed in Minnetonka facilities. Players will be dropped off and picked up from tryouts and all practices, outside the building.

An alternative to live game attendance is the broadcasting of games. We are attempting to line this up for our own tournament and predict others will do the same.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

You will receive MGBA Tryout Guidelines and Procedures, along with a COVID Waiver to complete, on this Sunday, September 27, 2020, via email.

Please be watching your email for all league communications.

Thank you,

Apparel Store - Link Included Below


-BLANK apparel and footwear is available now HERE:

This is a GREAT place to shop (at around a 25% discount off retail prices), for items you may need for the season (think socks, basketball sneakers, shorts, sports bras, etc.). Please feel free to share the link with others. Anyone is welcome to shop here. Items will ship directly to you when your order is placed, so you should receive them within 7-10 days.

-A Shooting Shirt store will open immediately following team placement. Shooting shirts are included in registration. A store link will be provided so you can order the correct size and personalization. All shirts will be shipped directly to you home. 

-DECORATED APPAREL shop will open at the start of tryouts and stay open until mid-October. Items purchased there, will not ship until the store closes. More communication will be sent out about this closer to store opening.


Please contact Katie Martin

Travel Season NEW UPDATE (8/15/20)

Minnetonka Girls Basketball Families,

Thank you again for your patience as we plan for a travel basketball season in these uncertain times.  As many of you know, youth sports re-opened this summer in Minnesota, and basketball tournaments are currently being held in the metro area.  This has made us optimistic for the travel season.  However, with local schools still finalizing their plans for the school year, there remain uncertainties related to facility access both for us and our tournament partners.  


As a result, we are making some adjustments to the start of the season.  We are not able to confirm tryout dates at this time.  We currently anticipate holding tryouts a bit later, likely early October rather than mid-September.  We are opening up registration for the season now and registration will be open until August 31st.  We are only asking for a $100 deposit for registration at this time.  We will set final fees when we have greater clarity on the season plans and charge families the remainder sometime before tryouts (refundable if ultimately not placed on a team).  It is important for our season planning that we have a firm sense of registration numbers by the end of the month.  


While we remain hopeful for a relatively normal travel basketball season, there are contingency plans being created in the event large weekend tournaments are not practical due to facility and other restrictions.  MYAS is working with local partners on a potential league structure that could replace large weekend tournaments as necessary.  We look forward to announcing details as we have them.


As of now, we are asking you to register your player and pay a $100 deposit before August 31st if you intend to play travel basketball this season.  

 No Gate Fee Model

In recent years, some communities have adopted a no gate fee model where there is no individual charge for spectators on tournament weekend.  Virus concerns are accelerating this trend as the model allows you to avoid the exchanging of money and limits your need for volunteers.  Minnetonka along with many other communities will be adopting that model this year. 

To account for the lost revenue, leagues are required to raise tournament fees as well as up front player fees.  While those increases should be neutral to families given the money saved not paying gate fees, we recognize the difficulty in increasing up front costs especially in the current economic environment.  As a result, Minnetonka will phase in any increases and will budget to operate at a deficit this season spending down cash reserves to minimize the impact.  The net result is we do expect a modest increase in registration fees, but the overall cost this season will hopefully be lower not higher when we account for the lower gate fees.  It is hard to know for certain as not every community is adopting this model, and you should still expect to pay a gate fee at some tournaments. 

As always, no player will be turned away for inability to pay and scholarships are available to those that have a financial need.  At registration, we will provide an opportunity to families that are able to make a tax deductible donation to fund our scholarship program as we expect the need to be greater this season. 

Refund Policy

If our season is interrupted due to virus concerns and restrictions, we will of course look to refund as much as we are able to.  Please note; however, that we intend to be flexible and provide as much of a normal travel basketball experience as is safely allowed.  If large weekend tournaments are restricted, we could possibly adapt by providing more small group training, or shift to a league game structure, or consider any number of options.  Our guiding principle will be to offer as much basketball as we safely can both to provide our players with a great youth athletic experience as well as help them improve as basketball players. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.  Thank you.

MGBA Board

Summer Challenge 2020

The Summer Challenge starts on 5/1  Have you registered yet?  Below is the current list.  Numbers will be updated weekly.  

First Name Last Name Grade Shots Made Thru Basket - Running Tally Mins Dribbled - Running Tally
Lucia Hilyar 4th Grade
Abigail Emahiser 4th Grade
Margot Werner 4th Grade 40
Reese Keating 4th Grade
Jerzie Loeschen 4th Grade
Lily Maechler 4th Grade 150
Ellie Panner 4th Grade 50 120
Ella Smith 4th Grade 470 30
Avery Good 4th Grade
Lily Maechler 4th Grade
Emery Hedrick 5th Grade 5013 872
Abby Wendorf 5th Grade 2450
Kjersten Hoehne 5th Grade 3529 599
Lauren Phillippe 5th Grade 10795 1945
Mady Botten 5th Grade 125 15
Reese Simpson 5th Grade 1300 125
Addison Kratz 5th Grade
Finola Kraker 5th Grade 580 100
Olivia Rindahl 5th Grade
Olivia Rindahl 5th Grade 1500 500
Ilwaad Dirie 5th Grade 100 30
Madison York 5th Grade 2800 3500
Alena Boeckermann 5th Grade 15500 2400
Greta Swendseid 5th Grade
Madeline (Maddie) Mosiman 5th Grade 2440 360
Sydney Ross 5th Grade 3250 540
Hope Herbert 5th Grade 3166 160
Olivia Rindahl 5th Grade 800 100
Madison York 5th Grade 5200 5500
Adelae St John 5th Grade
Natalie Fitch 5th Grade 5398 675
Hope Herbert 5th Grade
Lillian “LJ” Jones 5th Grade 10041 1647
Lauren Phillippe 5th Grade
Josie Martin 5th Grade
Alena Boeckermann 5th Grade
Madison York 5th Grade
Katherine (KK) Anderson 5th Grade 10050 2310
Nadia Chose 5th Grade
Ava Walker 5th Grade 3140 1600
Micah Chose 6th Grade 14501 927
Ruby Reding 6th Grade
Naomi Berg 6th Grade 20
Allison (Allie) Babler 6th Grade
Camryn Olberding 6th Grade
Sadie Stowers 6th Grade 400 200
Shiloh Landt 6th Grade
Madison York 6th Grade 9600 1700
Tatum Engebretson 6th Grade 10005 1524
Aleah Trojan 6th Grade
Malia Boeckermann 6th Grade 15500 2400
Kathryn Clemons 6th Grade
Sadie Stowers 6th Grade 400 100
Ava Prondzinski 6th Grade 10062 843
Lucy Prondzinski 6th Grade 6000 800
Aleah Trojan 6th Grade 10050 3900
Malia Boeckermann 6th Grade
Ruby Reding 6th Grade 6270 1015
Bella Groothuis 7th Grade 6033 735
Cooper Erickson 7th Grade 4000 70
Sadie Stowers 7th Grade 3 1
Piper Anderson 7th Grade
Eliana Barnes 7th Grade
Kennedy Hedrick 7th Grade 3155 652
Avery Merfeld 7th Grade
Kate Hoekstra 7th Grade 11120 1330
Celia Hitchcock 7th Grade 3300 165
Hallie Huttner 7th Grade 2 330
Delaney Egert 7th Grade 8754 967
Emily Campion 7th Grade 4650 780
Amelia Durenberger 7th Grade
Addy Keenan 7th Grade 10000 1500
Brea Callan 7th Grade
Evelyn Dann 7th Grade 8554 1426
Cooper Erickson 7th Grade
Mere Gilles 7th Grade 9255 1565
Sadie Stowers 7th Grade 3106 748
Cooper Erickson 7th Grade 200 10
Sadie Stowers 7th Grade 300 50
Mya Folken 8th Grade
Hannah Berg 8th Grade
Siman Dirie 8th Grade 100 15
Keira Keegan 8th Grade 8400 445
Francesca Wandrei 8th Grade
Elliot (EJ) St John 8th Grade
Hallie Greer 8th Grade
Ariel Merfeld 9th Grade
Anna McKinney 9th Grade 1200 275

A Season to Remember.....

What an amazing season!  We had a lot of success throughout the season, and we had some great results at State.  

We are so proud of the girls, the coaches, and the parents and how they represented Tonka Girls Basketball and Minnetonka as a Community.  Please send photos - I’m guessing there are more.  Here are a few from the weekend!

  • 6 White Champs
  • 8 White Champs
  • 7 White - 2nd Place
  • 5 Blue - Champs
  • 4Blue Champs
  • 4 Blue - TEAM!!!

4Blue - 2nd Place Orono Tourney

4Blue - 2nd Place Orono Tourney

Eastview and STMA Shootout Classic

  • Eastview - 2nd Place
  • 6Black - Consolation Champs

1/4 Tourneys

  • 5White - Champs!!
  • 5Black - Champs!!
  • 7Gray - Champs!!
  • 7White - 2nd Place
  • 8Black - CHAMPS!!

  • 7 Gray - 2nd Place Roseville
  • 7 Black - 2nd Place Roseville
  • 8 Blue - 2nd Place Chanhassen

2019 Girls Holiday Classic

  • 5 Blue - 3rd Place
  • 6 Black - 2nd Place
  • 6 White - 2nd Place
  • 8 White - Consolation Champs
  • 8 Black - 3rd Place
  • 7 Gray - CHAMPS!

The Season is Underway!!

Send us your photos, so we can share all the great things our players are doing!!

  • 7Gray - CHAMPIONS!!
  • 7Blue - Consolation Champs!!
  • 7Blue - 3rd Place (RCYBA Early Bird)

Have team photos?

Share them with us!  Please send them to

If you are interested in being a sponsor, please send an email to