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End of Season Survey and Summer Camp Information

Wow, can you believe it is already March?!? Congratulations to all teams for a great showing this weekend in the MYAS Grade State Championships. Although we have one final tournament in Wayzata, the MGBA Board is looking forward to gathering your input and hearing more about your experience in travel basketball this year. Please take a moment to complete this survey by March 8th. 


Coach Dasovich has also announced camp dates for the summer of 2021. Follow the link below for dates, times, locations and registration information. Please register for the year your daughter will be entering for the 2021-2022 school year.

MGBA Travel Season Refund

Dear MGBA Families, 



FOR REFUND ACTION ITEM. This must be completed by February 26th.


This entire year has been crazy to say the least and it is great to have our girls playing basketball again in the safest way possible. 


One item that has been on the MGBA Board members’ minds is the thought of a partial refund for time lost during the season.  Each and every one of you devote time and financial means to support our program, players, and coaches and the board feels it is in the best interest of all to provide a partial refund to you.  While there is not an exact science in the calculation, there are certainly financial merits to the refund determined for each player.  


Three items that have a significant impact on the financial stability of the MGBA program are:

  1. Our major income-generating event is the Tonka Holiday Tournament. We were unable to host this tournament due to Covid. This resulted in a net $11,000 loss of income for the association for the 2020-2021 season. MGBA will not be in a positive financial operating position this year. 

  2. At the start of the season, with the shift of many associations moving to a No Gate Model, the MGBA chose to cover some of these additional registration fees for tournaments at the beginning of the year, instead of passing these additional costs on to families. While the move to the No Gate Model was beginning to happen prior to the ‘20-’21 season, we anticipate seeing this become more the norm post-Covid. You can expect this new structure to be factored into the registration fees for the 2021-2022 season.  

  3. We were able to provide additional training for each of our teams through 43 Hoops. We see this is a large value added, but there was an additional cost associated with this additional practice time.  We secured additional training at a time when access to district gym space was uncertain. We felt it necessary to incur the costs to guarantee a minimum number of practices for our league, should we have been limited in our options of securing district gym space.




We have formulated a player refund based on the number of  tournaments your daughters team missed due to the temporary shutdown.. (FYI: Younger teams play a minimum of seven tournaments and the older teams in the program play up to eleven tournaments). MGBA teams have lost between 1 and 4 tournaments over the course of the season. An additional dollar amount was added to each player refund to accommodate unanticipated spectator fees (including the upcoming State Tournament).


There is also an opportunity to donate your refund back to the MGBA program.



To receive your allocated refund or indicate you’d like it donated back to MGBA, you must complete this online 20-21 MGBA Covid Refund Request form


NOTE: DEADLINE to complete refund request is February 26. 

If you do not complete the form to request a refund by February 26th, we will not issue a refund, and will consider it as a donation to the program. 


We will begin to process refunds through Sports Engine as quickly as possible. In closing, we thank all of the families for supporting the program, the girls and the coaches through a difficult year. It has been great seeing players back on the court, doing what they love. 


Please reach out to with any questions. 


Good luck in your remaining tournaments. Go Tonka! 


The MGBA Board

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