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Have you signed up for Summer Camps?

Looking for opportunities this summer to keep working on your game ?  Coach Dasovich and her staff will be holding 2 camps this summer.

Camp Dates and Locations:

July 13-16 @ Minnetonka High School, East Gym

  • Grades 6-7, 9:00-10:30am ($125)
  • Grades 4-5, 10:30-12:00pm ($125)
  • Grades 1-3, 12:00-1:00pm ($100)

July 20 – July 23 @ Minnetonka High School, East Gym

  • Grades 6-7, 9:00-10:30am ($125)
  • Grades 4-5, 10:30-12:00pm ($125)
  • Grades 1-3, 12:00-1:00pm ($100)

Reminder:  Incoming 8th graders will be joining the high school program, so there is no camp registration for them.  Info about summer workouts and registration will be coming out soon.  

Click on the link below.  It will take you to the Player Development page, where you can register for the camps.

Summer Challenge 2020

The Summer Challenge starts on 5/1  Have you registered yet?  Below is the current list.  Numbers will be updated weekly.  

First Name Last Name Grade Shots Made Mins Dribbled
Lucia Hilyar 4th Grade
Abigail Emahiser 4th Grade
Margot Werner 4th Grade 40
Reese Keating 4th Grade
Jerzie Loeschen 4th Grade
Lily Maechler 4th Grade 150
Ella Smith 4th Grade 470 30
Avery Good 4th Grade
Emery Hedrick 5th Grade 2193 344
Mady Botten 5th Grade 125 15
Abby Wendorf 5th Grade 2450
Kjersten Hoehne 5th Grade 1150 180
Lauren Phillippe 5th Grade 3100 235
Reese Simpson 5th Grade 200 30
Addison Kratz 5th Grade
Finola Kraker 5th Grade 180 60
Olivia Rindahl 5th Grade
Ilwaad Dirie 5th Grade 100 30
Madison York 5th Grade 2800 3500
Alena Boeckermann 5th Grade 3400 510
Greta Swendseid 5th Grade
Sydney Ross 5th Grade 380 40
Olivia Rindahl 5th Grade
Adelae St John 5th Grade
Natalie Fitch 5th Grade 3003 365
Lillian “LJ” Jones 5th Grade 1670 110
Lauren Phillippe 5th Grade
Josie Martin 5th Grade
Alena Boeckermann 5th Grade
Madison York 5th Grade
Katherine (KK) Anderson 5th Grade 80
Nadia Chose 5th Grade
Ava Walker 5th Grade 417 60
Ruby Reding 6th Grade
Micah Chose 6th Grade
Naomi Berg 6th Grade 20
Camryn Olberding 6th Grade
Shiloh Landt 6th Grade
Tatum Engebretson 6th Grade
Aleah Trojan 6th Grade
Malia Boeckermann 6th Grade 3350 505
Kathryn Clemons 6th Grade
Sadie Stowers 6th Grade 400 100
Lucy Prondzinski 6th Grade
Ruby Reding 6th Grade 870 135
Aleah Trojan 6th Grade 2330 815
Malia Boeckermann 6th Grade
Bella Groothuis 7th Grade
Piper Anderson 7th Grade
Kennedy Hedrick 7th Grade 1951 282
Mere Gilles 7th Grade 286 165
Celia Hitchcock 7th Grade 1500 30
Delaney Egert 7th Grade 1992 164
Amelia Durenberger 7th Grade
Addy Keenan 7th Grade 2410 262
Brea Callan 7th Grade
Evelyn Dann 7th Grade 908 235
Cooper Erickson 7th Grade
Kate Hoekstra 7th Grade 6170 385
Cooper Erickson 7th Grade 2000 40
Cooper Erickson 7th Grade 200 10
Mya Folken 8th Grade
Hannah Berg 8th Grade
Siman Dirie 8th Grade 100 15
Keira Keegan 8th Grade 6800 355
Francesca Wandrei 8th Grade
Elliot (EJ) St John 8th Grade
Hallie Greer 8th Grade

A Season to Remember.....

What an amazing season!  We had a lot of success throughout the season, and we had some great results at State.  

We are so proud of the girls, the coaches, and the parents and how they represented Tonka Girls Basketball and Minnetonka as a Community.  Please send photos - I’m guessing there are more.  Here are a few from the weekend!

  • 6 White Champs
  • 8 White Champs
  • 7 White - 2nd Place
  • 5 Blue - Champs
  • 4Blue Champs
  • 4 Blue - TEAM!!!

Blaine Invitational Results

Congrats to all the teams this past weekend!  You make Minnetonka proud!!  A speciall call-out to the teams below:


4Blue - 3rd Place

5Blue - CHAMPS!

6White - 3rd Place

6Black - 3rd Place

8White - 2nd Place

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Edina Girls Classic Tourney

Congrats to all the teams that participated in Edina's tournament last weekend.  You make Tonka Hoops proud!!

A special "shout out" to:


6 White - 2nd Place

7 White - 3rd Place

4Blue - 2nd Place Orono Tourney

4Blue - 2nd Place Orono Tourney

Eastview and STMA Shootout Classic

  • Eastview - 2nd Place
  • 6Black - Consolation Champs

Eastview Tourney and STMA Shootout Classic Results

Eastview Tourney Results:

5Black - 2nd Place

7White - 2nd Place

7Black - 3rd Place

STMA Shootout Classic Results:

5White - 2nd Place

6White - 2nd Place

6Black - Consolation Champs

8Black - 4th Place

8White - 2nd Place

Another Great Weekend of Tonka Hoops!

Elk River Results:

5Blue: Free Throw Champs / 2nd Place Tourney

5White: Champs!

5Black: Champs!

7White: 2nd Place

7Black: Consolation Champs

8White: 2nd Place

Wayzata Classic:

7Blue: Consolation Champs!

7Gray: Champs!

8Black: Champs!

1/4 Tourneys

  • 5White - Champs!!
  • 5Black - Champs!!
  • 7Gray - Champs!!
  • 7White - 2nd Place
  • 8Black - CHAMPS!!

  • 7 Gray - 2nd Place Roseville
  • 7 Black - 2nd Place Roseville
  • 8 Blue - 2nd Place Chanhassen

2019 Girls Holiday Classic

  • 5 Blue - 3rd Place
  • 6 Black - 2nd Place
  • 6 White - 2nd Place
  • 8 White - Consolation Champs
  • 8 Black - 3rd Place
  • 7 Gray - CHAMPS!

2019 Girls Holiday Classic

What an exciting weekend of basketball!  It was yet another successful tournament...definitely one of the showcase tournaments in the metro with snow globes on the line!  Congrats to all of the teams who participated.  A special congrats to the following teams:

4Blue - 4th Place

4White - 4th Place

5Blue - 3rd Place

6White - 2nd Place

6Black - 2nd Place

7White - 4th Place

7Gray - CHAMPS!!!

8Blue - 4th Place

8White - Consolation Champs

8Black - 3rd Place

The Season is Underway!!

Send us your photos, so we can share all the great things our players are doing!!

  • 7Gray - CHAMPIONS!!
  • 7Blue - Consolation Champs!!
  • 7Blue - 3rd Place (RCYBA Early Bird)

Tournament Season is Underway!! - Send Us Your Pics!!

The RCYBA Early Bird Classic didn't disappoint!  It's such a great time watching the girls play the game they love and getting to know families even better!  Here are some of the results!


4 Blue - 2nd Place

4 White - 4th Place

5 Blue - 4th Place

5 White - 5th Place

6 Blue - 3rd Place

6 White - 3rd Place

7 Blue - 3rd Place (see picture above)

7 Black - 2nd Place

8 Blue - 2nd Place

8 Black - 4th Place

Congratulations to all the teams that participated in tournaments over the past few weekends.  A special "call out" to the teams below for their results in the tournaments!

Eden Prairie Tournament:

4Blue - 2nd Place

5White - 3rd Place

8Black - 5th Place


Osseo-Maple Grove Tournament:

4White - 5th Place

6Blue - Consolation Champs!


Prior Lake Tournament:

7Blue - Consolation Champs

7Gray - Champs!!!

8Blue - 3rd Place

8 White - 5th Place

Looking for some extra practice over Winter Break? Check out below!

Thank You!!

Thank you to all who participated in this year's Empower Leadership Academy!  The girls had a fantastic time and learned a lot about each other and themselves.  

Can't wait to see how it carries through the season!  

Have team photos?

Share them with us!  Please send them to

If you are interested in being a sponsor, please send an email to